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When you support the Kidney Cancer Association, you ensure that our mission is carried out in the following key areas:

Education & Resources

From a toolkit for newly-diagnosed patients to in-depth information on treatments, clinical trials, and the disease itself, your support enables the KCA to provide resources and tools to patients, caregivers, and everyone who has been impacted by kidney cancer. In addition, your gifts fund invaluable support services, including the KCA Patient Liaison, the KCA Online Community, the KCA Video Library, personalized nutritional guidance, and caregiver support.

Read about Robert “Bob” Susser, a kidney cancer survivor and KCA legacy donor whose driving goal was helping others. 

Scientific Advances

Research breakthroughs in the lab offer the most promising pathways to finding a cure for kidney cancer. With this understanding, the KCA employs your generous support to fund several annual grants directed at advancing kidney cancer research and research related to supportive services for patients. This includes our Advanced Discovery Award, Young Investigator Award, and Focus Award. 

See how your support for the KCA drives incredible progress, bringing us closer to unlocking the cure for kidney cancer.

Legislative Advocacy

The current federal funding for kidney cancer is not enough – people impacted by the disease need new treatment options, treatments that cause less intense side effects, methods for early cancer detection, biomarkers to guide treatment decisions, and better quality of life. With your support, the KCA advocates for increased funding for the kidney cancer designated research program – the Kidney Cancer Research Program (KCRP). We raise voices and tell elected representatives why kidney cancer matters and how they can help unlock the cure by increasing funding for the KCRP and other institutions.

Click here to learn more about our advocacy efforts and how you can join us by raising your voice for kidney cancer patients and caregivers. 

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Family, friends, and community all play a big part in your recovery. Staying positive and having faith is the biggest thing.”

Coach Sydney Acosta, Kidney Cancer Survivor

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